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Zasta is a new high fashion brand setting new trends and standards for fashion worldwide. The online brand, starting in 2020, is now launching its first brick-and-mortar store on the beautiful Haight St. in San Francisco called ZastaStudio. Following its outstanding response through Flying Solo, New York City, Zasta is now currently being featured in British Vogue Magazine.

ZastaStudio emerged from the founder's vision to reimagine what fashion can be and how it can make a positive impact through refurbishing lost wardrobe treasures. ZastaStudio was created through the intertwining influence of world cultures while celebrating nature and the free spirits of the world. Zasta's collections incorporate vibrant textile designs handcrafted by master artisans worldwide, redefining luxury in a sustainable and responsible fashion.

Here at ZastaStudio, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to rediscovering, recycling, and restoring the clothing market. We not only create sustainable collections but believe in bringing back to life the color, design, and quality clothing once had. With the reusability of fabric, we restore clothing throughout the ages.


With this mission, Zasta helps to minimize and eliminate textile waste while adding a twist of modern fashion to the mix. Working with local artisans and masters of their craft, we pride ourselves on embracing creativity, diversity, and freedom of self-expression.


ZASTA Rediscover, Recycle, Restore 

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