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A Conscious

We’re starting to make changes. For right now, and going forward. Discover a new uniform of recycled yarns, responsible wools and vegetable-tanned leathers. And learn more about the things we’re doing and initiatives we’re partnering with to make our products more sustainable.

Reduced Water Wastage

Much of our collection is produced in factories using innovative water saving and water recycling processes.
The specialist machinery and techniques can use up to 89% less water than traditional methods.

Water Foam

Responsible Wool Standard

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is an industry tool designed to recognise the best practices of farmers, ensuring that
wool comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land and from sheep that have been treated responsibly. The certified wool comes from non-mulesed sheep and is tracked through all processing stages to promote responsible practices and protect the sheep and the land they graze on.

Colorful Threads
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